31 January 2009

a meSS of sunny fun

Clearly I have not been in my blog buddy's neighborhood for a long time. Because, from her back porch yesterday, we saw distant hillside letters that I had not been previously aware of in this community. No, she did not know where to find the trail, but we concurred as to how there must be one, seeing as how those letters did not get up there by evolution. "Are you going hiking now?" She asked as we said our 'goodbyes'. "Not in these shoes." I unintentionally lied to her. But, after taking my leave it occured to me that some fun in the sun is worth a pair of pretty shoes anyday.

I didn't bother to look for the path. It was an easy scramble from the road ahead up that little ridge sloping down from the letters. Presumably the path was in the canyon behind the letters (see the churned up looking dirt? That is the top of a canyon). But, I did NOT attempt to explore it, because...

Just as I was calling her from this very spot to tell her that my shoes were now dirty and that she had not missed much, (For her version of the story, click here )
the interest level of the situtation picked up a bit.
Far below I saw what appeared to be a toy truck.
With the help of many multiples of magnification I was able to capture the moment when two guys got out
and began unloading
and setting up something in the direction of the canyon,
which I correctly presumed was target practise.

I cautiously proceeded to make my way down-staying in gulleys as much as possible in case they commenced to shoot. Right, they weren't going to be shooting AT me, but why risk a stray bullet? Of course, I couldn't resist peaking over the edge of my dirt 'fortress' from time to time to observe and record their progress.
Finally when I was out in the open on level ground in plain view and blatently taking pictures of them, they must have noticed me because they never fired a shot until I was safely at my vehicle. And, I have to admit the reports echoed grandly through the canyon.
And this picture? Has nothing to do with the story. I didn't even know he was in the truck when I took it. The whole setting was much too far away to see that kind of detail. Surprising what shows up with digital zoom.


Nevada Hiker said...

Be careful Sunny there are some goofy folks out there with guns. Most of the folks with guns I meet when I'm out hiking are safe, but you never know.

Sunny said...

Thank you Nevada Hiker - you are so correct! The very next day I took my dog on a canyon hike and we got WAY too close to guns for comfort. Dumb dog is too friendly for his own good. He broke away from me and I was SO afraid he'd get shot. I have learned my lesson.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's never boring way up there in the wilds of them thar desart hills.


Mama Bird said...

Hey, did you ever find out what the SS stands for?