30 August 2005


Cousin Hee-Hoon from Detroit came to visit Halmoni and Hadaboji for a couple days. I think we were able to show him a good time. He had never jet-ski'd and he seemed to enjoy it. Jeanne's daddy was commenting on what a sweet natured kid Hee-Hoon always was. I'm sure that's true. He should know. But, it has also been my experience that many Korean people have a cultural graciousness and hospitableness about them that Westerners find attractive. And, in general, my husband's cousins are the very embodiment of that trait. Nice to have rellies that do you proud.


Patty said...

Thats really nice that you are able to enjoy your relatives visiting. He looks like a nice person.

Cheryl said...

O.k. - so who are the adorable little girls in your post above this one?

Sunny said...

They are the offspring of my kid's cousins on their father's side.