16 March 2006

This is a few hours early but...

Happy Birthday Mama Bird!
Hope you have a good one.
Had to put my thinking cap on to find a good celebration.
No way am I going back up in the snow like I did on Billy's.
Or, birth a child to celebrate with you year by year like I did for Dave once.
What I did was book a professional cleaning for my house tomorrow. This will be my favorite birthday of yours yet!


Patty said...

I want to celebrate my sisters birthday like you are going to do your sisters birthday. Great idea but why not throw in a massage after for yourself, after all its hard work to have people clean : )

Sunny said...

Patty, Hey thanks. Do you think anyone will get the significance of the attached photo? Of course the spots on the picture (taken from an airplane window)represent the need for cleaning and the bright sunrise represents a beacon of hope for tomorrow.

Mama Bird said...

I think I need to celebrate my birthday the same way you celebrated it--having someone else clean the house. What a terrific idea!

Instead, I cleaned my house myself ... whilst grumbling at two "unnamed to protect the guilty" offspring ... who did finally clean their piles of clutter out of the living room, at least.

Er, well, um, ah, that is, I cleaned it myself except for the hard work the wonderful OC did last night shining up the bathroom and kitchen. Must give credit where credit is due! (blush)