09 July 2006

Reunion Photos

Here, in order of age, is the reason the reunion takes place. Although I have to hand it to the younger generation-they plan to continue with "cousin" reunions after we old fogies are dead and gone.

Someone called this "double trouble". Can't imagine why. WE weren't the ones having trouble. BTW, every single human in this photo is part of the clan.


Patty said...

Wow you all look great, and I would know any of you immediatly.
Billy looks like a giant, was he standing on something or are all the rest of you suddenly short : )

Sunny said...

It is a result of the angle of the photo. Kathy is abnormally tall (for her) as well. However, Bill is taller than you remember him. He grew after HS.

Allan said...

Shucks, I should have cruised by earlier. Dare I say that more pictures of the clan can be viewed if you toodle over to our Flickr photo site.

I did not get a chance to chat with you much this time around. We'll have to make up for that next time 'round.

I have just today received all the photos from the GMP's camera and Allison's camera so as to compile them into a DVD slideshow. I will be sending the completed show to the GMP out in Lobster-land and she will be responsible for distributing to y'all.

By the by, while you're at it, could you send along some e-mail addy's for your J's? I lost the piece of paper that had all the cousins e-mails so I could forward some pix directly.

Sunny said...

Allan, I emailed you.