19 August 2008

McArthur-Burney Falls State Park

Sometimes sudden serendipity..Sunny unexpectedly viewed a wonderful waterfall today.

I've been there before a few times previously...it is always the same "wonder-fall"

Here is how the river looks at the top just before it takes the plunge. Isn't that tiny waterfall before the big one the cutest thing?

Evidently lots of rivers have water underneath their bed, but this one has porous stones or some such thing that causes the water to shoot out the middle of the cliff as well as tumble over the top.

The scenic, well-maintained, trail connecting the upper and lower view-points was a delight.

Saw some nice picturesque stops along the way. This looks like an ideal place for a nice young couple to get photographed.

Right on cue, here they are! Ready for fame on Sunny's blog.


Rondi said...

Breath-taking! Beautiful pictures!

Beloved said...

Wow! That waterfall is amazing!! If it weren't for the pine trees, I'd think you were in some tropical island paradise.