01 December 2008

Ya don't see this everyday

It is Venus (?) and maybe Saturn or Jupitor cuddled up to the moon setting into the sunset. And, of course there is a story to go along with the photo. Yesterday evening, just as I was about to give the dryer a kick for wrinkling the hangables by conking out mid-spin AGAIN, Mr. Sunny called me from his evening commute with a pretty sunset alert. Forget about laundry! Wrinkles be 'slammed'! I dropped those clothes on the spot, grabbed the cameras, and sprinted for the upstairs deck. But, seconds count for that kind of thing, you know, so, by the time I was ready to record it, the glory moment had already waned westwardly, and the sun had pretty much settled in for the night. All was not lost though. It gave me opportunity to see that crescent moon thingy with those two almost-obscenely-bright heavenly bodies hovering boldly by. And, I got this picture.

And this one.

Already seen lots of good sunsets from the up deck anyway.


Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

OooH! I saw that on my way home from Monterey on Sunday evening. I knew one was Venus, thanks for letting me know the other was Saturn!

Very cool looking indeed!

sunny said...

Michelle, I didn't know what I was seeing up there but Mr. Sunny read it in the on-line Korean newspaper.

anhinga said...

What beautiful shots! It is interesting to see the views from all over the world about this singular event. Some are word paintings, like the one from Africa and Melborne, Australia. The convergence was a uniting force, I'd say.

I must spend time on your site. Such beautiful photography.

Rondi said...

You got much better shots than I did! I am still learning about night photography...it was quite a sight, wasn't it?!