09 April 2007

Point of "Lite"

See that white dot? Of course you can see it. Just look harder. That, my friends, is Venus. Chosen for photography for one reason only-it was the biggest and brightest spot I could find in the sky to point the camera at tonight. (Moon's not up yet.) And, how do I know it is Venus?

I'll tell you how. Besides the fact that Venus is one of the few celestial bodies I can usually identify, tonight it was positively identified by Mr. Sunny's new tracking gadget.

Here he is setting his sights on Saturn, which was not worth trying to capture with my little camera that only goes 11 times magnification. Maybe I'll try again with his camera and then we can see...a bigger white spot on a black background? There has got to be a way to rig the camera to the telescope and get a picture of a really big white blob.


Rondi said...

Well, that's cool, either way!

Patty said...

Please check my blog. I have tagged you for the Thinking Blogger Award!