29 June 2007


Jack is quite the entertainer. I hooked his leash around the bike handle and found out that he likes to pull the bike uphill with me on it
Whenever Mr. Sunny is repairing the innards of the jet-ski, Jack is right up there peering in with him.
These photos are pathetic attempts to recreate the actual event. Note that I am actually going downhill and back pedaling to give him something to pull against. He is pretty clever but not enough that we can get him to pose very long for a picture. Also, he was getting tired of it all.

And Shawn-shinanigans
Little fellow that we have over sometimes is great friends with Jack. They like to "dance". Jack loves to stand on his hind legs and kiss people in the face-whether or not they like it.

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Patty said...

Love the pictures !