28 June 2007

Signs of the Times

Korean and Spanish are the only two foreign languages that I've become slightly acquainted with. So, I appreciatedthis neatly penned, home-made message at the Korean grocery store in Sacramento. Even the graffiti (look close).

The Korean folk immigrating to America knew they'd have to struggle with a new language, they just didn't know it would be Spanish. What really slayed me was the young Spanish speaking fellow working in the LA Korean grocery who knew the names of everything on the shelves-

The next pic is a sign that was inside the restroom of the Korean grocery store. Inside... the...

Korean store where a lot of people were shopping who may not have known any language but Korean yet. So, what does the County of Sacramento give them? A sign with not a single word of Korean on it!
Somehow I found that hilariously ironic.



Robin J. said...

When were you in Sacramento? My son is coming home tonight from that area. He has been on a youth Houseboat Sabbath trip.

Sunny said...

Robin, these were either taken when we were over there for Justin's marathon or on the way back from the sequoias. Did Cody have a good time?

Rachel said...

I've noticed that a lot of Spanish-speaking people work in the Korean markets and restaurants down here. They seem to know a little Korean, and their Korean co-workers speak a little Spanish.

And yeah, it's pretty funny that the sign doesn't have any Korean on it! What were they thinking? I guess they just use the most common languages.

Beloved said...

That sign is funny, but it's so typical for Korean language not to get any attention. They should have written it in on the sign with a permanent marker. :)