21 October 2007

Back from Las Vegas again

Returned Baby Aileen to her parents.
Here she is 'helping" wehsumgmo drive.

And here is an updated photo of her lovely sister.
While we had little Aileen here with us I took her to church a couple of times. One of the door greeters is a dear older stroke survivor. He has all his wits about him but can no longer get the words out of his mouth the way he intends for them to sound. Folks still line up to talk to him though because, between vocal inflection and facial expression he manages to make his best word, "Oh", pretty meaningful. Anyway, he saw me bring the baby in and signaled me with his eyes that he'd like to meet her. I brought her over and introduced them. "Neekim," he told her sincerely. "Goo-goo-gah-gah", she grinned back. And they understood each other perfectly.


Patty said...

What sweeties. Don't you just love how the universal language of love doesn't need perfect speech or even the same language

Rondi said...

Beautiful girls!

Sunny sunny SUNNY said...

Thanks ladies.

Rachel said...

What gorgeous kids!

jo said...

so cute*^^*