11 November 2007

In the eyes of the beholder

Driving home from work just before dusk recently, I briefly got a glimpse of the waning sunset reflecting in a drainage ditch while whizzing by. Didn't have the camera with me and there was no place to stop. No possible way to stop in the rush hour traffic anyway. Interesting to see something scenic in an unlikely place like that though. Would have been a nice challenge to try to get a decent picture of it.

It was just a drainage ditch. A pit where disgusting discard liquids drain into and get ditched off to some undoubtedly revolting place-probably a cesspool. Amazing how an ugly thing can be seen as lovely if viewed in a certain way. I had probably driven by it a hundred times and never even noticed it until this one time when there happened to be a visually redeeming quality about it. I liked it. Anyone would have if they happened to have the chance to view what I did. And, maybe they did. Hope so. The evening commute was more uplifted because of it.

That got me thinking about how beauty is in the eye of the beholder. OK, I admit anyone who finds it in a drainage ditch is probably really looking for it. Some might argue desparately even. Ha, but no, just happened to notice it.

(Don't be shocked, but, even Sunny can't always find it. For example, a couple decades ago while we were still living in New England, I bemoaned to my brother how much I despise snow and bitterly cold weather. In a word, that would be WINTER, in certain climates. To my surprise he responded, "I manage to find a lot of scenic beauty in it though." Now, I know that boy hates cold weather just as much as I do, so, I wondered, "Is he just trying to look on the bright side, or, does he really find something nice-looking about it?" For the rest of that winter I looked at the snow and tried my best to see the beauty. Absolutely no luck. All I could think about was how COLD it looked. Even now if we go up in the mountains where there is a lot of snow in winter it just looks very unattractive to me.)

So, I decided to go ahead and post some pictures that aren't very attractive. Because, even though sometimes a picture isn't worth a thousand words, these were taken during fine times. The beauty was in the eyes of the beholders-at the moment they were beholding it!

Young friends of ours, Joey and Jalissa, recently announcing their newly engaged status at church.

The picture did not come out very good. It was kind of dark in there and I could not get close enough for the flash without making a spectacle of myself. I bet it will look good enough to them though, since my poor little pics were the only ones taken of the event. It was a very happy time.

Mr. Sunny tries out his new surf-board in the lake.

He enjoyed surfing (with a rental) when we went beach camping so much that I urged him to get a board of his own. Plenty of room in the back of the truck to take it along whenever we get to the beach. We don't live near the ocean though, so, we took it up to the lake a few times to play around. The picture didn't come out very good but it was a good, good time. That was the last little bit of warm weather fun we had this past summer. Made some great memories.


Rondi said...

As usual, you make a good point. Your words helped me imagine the sunset reflected in the ditch =)

Sunny sunny SUNNY said...

Ah Rondi, the point is that as usual, you are able to get the point.

Robin J. said...

So good to see you post. And you know, I just love the purple. It relaxes me when I click on your blog and see it.

Beloved said...

This is a great post. It should inspire me to post more of my NYC pictures which are very, very bad. I hit a button somehow on the camera and I can't figure out how to get it to back to the way it was. Argh.

I hate snow too, but I'm with your brother. I have to admit, I do think it looks beautiful. In fact, what I really hate is when it all melts and leaves a muddy, brown, barren mess in the spring.

Sunny sunny SUNNY said...

Yo Beloved. Would LOVE to see those NY pics.