05 January 2008

Hello Korea

This is the view from one end of my balcony.

And this is the view from the other side.
Early this morning I decided to go for a walk. Who can guess which way Sunny went? Duh! Headed up the hill and tried to find a path into those trees. (Anyone surprised?) Yesterday a local lady had told me to find it around the school. Poked around a few schools in the area but never did quite find the way in. But, did manage to get this shot of the sunrise through an open courtyard door.

Some guy was getting all huffy about me wandering the neighborhoods snapping pics until I showed him it was of the Namsan tower in the hazy light of an approaching sunrise. Then he lightened right up, so I asked him how to get up to those trees. Turns out the lady didn't mean "the school", she meant THE school, as in Sogang University (one of the four or five Ivy league type higher education institutions the ShinChon area is surrounded by). He was quite nice about it too. Bet he was proud that his neighborhood has a nice view of one of Korea's famous landmarks.


Good thing he didn't catch me taking photographs of people's front doors and porches.

Yes, I eventually found the trees. Later. But, that's an adventure for a different post.


Why am I here??? said...

Nice pics of Korea!!!! How long are you there for?

I'll be back in 2 months....

I look forward to seeing some more beautiful scenery!!!

Beloved said...

Ooh~~I love the pictures, but you are making me homesick. :P

Robin said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. I love the front door and the pots on the stairway.

So are you speaking Korean to these people?

sunny said...

Thanks for the comments ladies.

Jenn, Too bad I'll be gone before you get back. Maybe next time.

Beloved, Homesick goes two ways. Nah, I'm holding up. Keep up with the helpful comments though.

Robin, Ha! the answer is: a little from column A, and a little more from column B.