16 January 2008

I take to the woods

I DID find the trees. It is a wooded hill on the campus of SoGang. Nice to be able to go into a little nature spot here in the big city. It is peaceful there in spite of the ever present sounds of students in the sports field below, traffic, and other city noise. I have met some interesting folks there too. Mostly it is the retirement-age set getting their exercise. They seem to have their priorities straight. And not just because they gave me snacks. One old gal, who is seventy if she is a day, spends time stretching and working on her flexibility. I call her the human pretzel.

I met a 90 year old instructor of calligraphy. Actually, he asked me to help him down the "mountain". Bless his heart; his step was slow and footing unsure. He talked a blue streak to me. Of course I didn't understand much, since it was all in Korean. But, he scolded me for being in Korea while my husband is in the USA. "How" he inquired, "could we 'bbo-bbo' (kiss)?" He settled once I explained I am not here for very long at all. When we got back down to civilization he was all concerned if I'd be able to find my way alone. Had to escort me to the correct road. Mr. Chivalrous. Then he wanted to give ME a bbo-bbo bye-bye. Well, I wasn't too keen on that seeing as how he was wearing one of those cotton surgical type masks that the older set is fond of in Korea. Wasn't sure if he had it on to keep out the cold air or if he had some kind of virus he didn't want to spread around. But, he was so sweet that I just offered him a quick side of the face, which he pecked through the mask.

What a cute story, right? WRONG! I told it to Mr. Sunny and he groused, "Old codger was pulling a fast one. He'd never have the nerve to treat a Korean woman that way." To which I initially reacted, "Dear, he was 90 and could hardly walk." But, after thinking it over...Some day, God willing, Mr. Sunny will be 90. And if some chick a few decades younger than me even thinks about "bbo-bbo-ing" him, I'll be like, "Do it and Die, Floozy!"

(Sorry honey)


Rondi said...

Looking at it from a different perspective usually sheds new light...interesting...cool that your DH still has that fire =)

Allan said...

Sorry Aunt MB, but if I ever hit 90, I'd love to have enough mustard left to do the same thing. Woo-hoo.

Patty said...

you are too funny ! Love the pictures, keep them coming.
Stay away from old men MB : )