16 July 2005

2nd Death Valley Trip 2005

The first time I went to Death Valley this year DH could not join me. Accidently it had worked out that he was actually in Las Vegas at the same time I was. And we got to spend quite a bit of time together. But, he was there on University business, so was not able to explore around with me during the day. Since the flowers were quite a well-publicized sensation this year and everyone was saying it might be a once in a life-time opportunity - we took a separate, second (this time by car) trip to the area to see what there was to see.

I already mentioned in a previous post that the flower spectacle was due to the tragic flooding in Southern California during the winter. The other unusual thing the heavy rainfall caused was AMAZING amounts of water in Death Valley. To my understanding the stinky puddle at Badwater (lowest point in continental USA) is called "Lake" Manly. This year it was a huge "puddle" spanning miles of desert floor. Deep enough in spots that some folks floated canoes and kayaks in it. The floor of the puddle is salt crystals. At some places (Devil's Golf Course for one) the salt crystals floated on top of the water. The pics are of my hand, my feet, and cute little kids enjoying the salt and water.


Patty said...

I had a chuckle seeing the picture of your feet, as I was going to put a picture of my feet on my blog this week. Only mine are in shoes, which for me is a rare sight. Love the pictures you are sharing with us all.

Allan said...

Them feet look quite ghostly in all that salt.