09 July 2005


Recently I had opportunity to escort my in-laws to a Korean language NEWSTART style program held in the beautiful Sorak Mountains National Park in The Republic of Korea. The above picture is me with my in-laws and my cousin KeumHee with her in-laws. We all attended together. Those two good-looking gals in the center are sisters. They undoubtedly would like to know which of them you think is prettier. And if you have a lick of sense you will say that they are equal.

For those not familiar with the NEWSTART concept, it is a program for learning and putting into practical application natural health remedies, such as:

N utrition
E xercise
W ater
S unlight
T emperance
A ir
R est
T rust

And, the patient gets a "new start."


LarryandJean said...

Yes! More stories, more stories! :D

LarryandJean said...

More pictures of the kids "friends"! Though I really liked the bird pictures too.


Patty said...

Love your pictures ! keep them coming