10 July 2005

No, I did not actually see this

This is from http://www.desertusa.com/wildflo/wildupdates.html

I'm no wildflower expert, don't even know the names of them, but, I enjoyed following the wildflower happenings on this site all spring. Here in the desert it is usually barren. But, occasionally, if weather conditions are just right, there is a "wildflower spring". Then all the desert wildflower afficionados flock out to the remote places to see them. This year there were many postings on the above mentioned desert wildflower site about various trips folks were taking, and the quantity and quality of blooms they saw. I actually got out for two trips before it was over. Saw Death Valley twice in March, once with my grand-niece and her mom, and once with my husband. Also got over to the Antelope Valley poppy reserve, which was nice, but the poppies have been decreasing there over the years because the state of California wants to keep it "natural" and poppies need some cultivation. Off the reserve you can see better poppies in fields where sheep graze providing natural cultivation. Also, the poppies are larger along the roadways where incidental cultivation is provided by trucks kicking up pebbles as they drive by.

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