15 September 2005

Almost purple

For some reason our backyard grapes aren't getting ripe as fast as normal this year. But, enough of this purple blogging. You know, it's supposed to be the color of insanity.

Crazy purple!

(But, those grapes should be purpler by now. Something's wrong-dreadfully wrong)

I did NOT escape. I am on a DAY PASS!


Qwerty said...

You do seem a little, *tiny* bit preoccupied with that particuler color just now. I hope it's not catching, you could have started a whole new internet weapon. Forget viruses and worms, here comes online insanity under an atractive purple covering!

Patty said...

My grapes didn't do well this year, it was just too dry here. They stayed rather tiny. Have you tried frozen grapes yet as a snack. Really good, wash them and then pop them in the freezer. Very refreshing.
My grapes are white and not purple, so not sure you would like them : )

Hannah Im said...

Well, they may not be very good to eat, but they make a pretty picture! I like the Concord grapes here in Korea--when they're purple :)