11 September 2006

Back From Providence

Oh the amount of catching up to be done after a few days away from home. Sure puts blogging on the back burner. It was a hectic couple of days, but, Number One Sunbeam is successfully moved into her apartment and embarked on a graduate degree-it was accomplished quickly only due to the assistance of my dear sisters (that includes Jackie, of course, and Helene) and the big bro. The Mama Bird drove all the way down from Maine. She said it was an ADVENTURE. (Yeah, it was that, for sure.) We took a little time to relax on Dave's boat and then his DD Sarah had the GREAT idea of going to the Somerset creamery for ice cream. I highly recommend the Cranberry Bog flavor for any who get a chance to go there. The pics are: The Sis, the Sunbeam, and the Sarah cousin at the creamery, and, one of the trolleys that are part of the public transportation system in Providence.

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Allan said...

Many happy returns to the #1 Sunbeam now that she is in her new digs. Hi to Uncle Dave and Ms. Sarah. Glad to hear you got home safe 'n sound.