05 September 2006

"Labor" Day

We waited until the crowds thinned out and then took the grandniece and nephews for some fun in the sun. I didn't expect to enjoy it for a couple reasons: a little worn out from spending the night hovering over Halmoni in the hospital, never much cared for motorized boats (although under certain conditions the sea-doo can be a pleasant experience), and, watching over that many kids who can't swim is a bit of a handful. But, they loved it so much it was totally worth it. In the pic I was trying to get them to pose. NOT! The three year old is in front. He never wanted to get off. He wanted to drive the thing! The 6 yr old was too scared to sit anywhere except in the middle. But didn't seem concerned about the possibility that his younger sister might fall off sitting in the back. And, the 5 yr old was pouting because she wanted to be in the front. But, when I DID let her in the front, she kept grabbing the gas lever to make it go "faster Weh-su-mo, faster!"


Beloved said...

From the picture, you'd never imagine there was any discontent at all. You all look perfectly posed.

Patty said...

you are one brave lady !!!!!!

Sunny said...

Since I could not see the face of the three year old I would occasionally feel it to assess his level of satisfaction with the experience. He was in a big happy grin throughout.