05 May 2007

The land of BIG

The Sunny family (parents only, no kids this time) took a little road trip.

Even the sign is BIG

We managed to get this pic of Mr. Sunny before the fog rolled in too much. These big boys were not even overly large for the giant trees-about average.
These are the same two trees from a different angle. To get more of a perspective of the size, look to the bottom right corner of the photo. See that little pink head and shoulder? That's Sunny standing behind a trunk.

That is not a tree that Sunny is perched on in the next pic. As far as we can tell it is a fallen branch of the tree behind it. That monster tree is the "largest living thing". I presume that describes bulk or weight, since there are redwoods that are taller. Anyway, the diameter of the trunk is large enough to park a 35 foot motor home in-should anyone care to chisel it out for a garage. The largest branch is 8 feet across. The fence is to keep folks from getting too close. The root system is "shallow but strong", and I suppose they don't want them trampled on and possibly damaged. Wouldn't do to have the thing fall over. I was hoping the roots would remain VERY strong while we were there.

Yes, you actually can drive a car through a tree trunk. Note that the fog was getting worse and worse. Made for some treacherous driving on those winding mountain roads. It was also very cold up in those high elevations. We were over 7000 feet a good deal of the time. Compare the difference in how bundled up Sunny is sitting on the branch in the mountain peaks with the first picture taken at the entrance sign at the foothills where it was nice and comfortable.

We also went to King's Canyon where we saw more giants in the form of monoliths and mountains. But, it was impossible to get any pictures that gave any idea of the scale.
Too BIG!


Beloved said...

Wow! Those pictures are fantastic! Amazing. I would love to see those trees someday.

Rondi said...

Those are amazing pictures! I've always wanted to see these trees. Maybe someday...

Sunny said...

Mama Bird wants to see them too. Well, either them or the Redwoods.
Why don't you all come on out and lets do a major road trip together.

Robin J. said...

One of our most favorite spots in the whole world. We have been camping there each August for three years. This year though, we are heading to Utah (Zion and Bryce). I'm so glad that you enjoyed yourselves while in CA.

Patty said...

we have just about all the same pictures !