07 May 2007

More of the trip

We also got over to the central coast of California where we saw sights worth writing home about. We were lucky to be there during the birthing season of the harbor seals. One pup was only 2 hours old. Mother and baby were in a protected cove where humans were not allowed too close, and rightly so, but it interfered with getting very clear photographs. Anyway, it was cute cute CUTE! The mom and baby kept touching noses. Guess she didn't think it was time for him to swim yet (or maybe she wasn't ready-at 2 hours postpartum) because she would put herself between him and the water. Sometimes when he got a little too rambunctious or tried to "wander" she'd pat him with her flipper thingy and he'd go where she directed. I couldn't understand why she wasn't feeding him but probably she knew what she was doing. Anyway, no choice but to let nature take its course.

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Robin J. said...

We were at San Simeon two Thanksgivings ago. Fun, fun, fun, and gorgeous. The seals were there too along with the crisp, cool (cold) air and ragged coastline. So different than southern CA.