08 May 2007


Due to time constraints, we could not linger at ALL the interesting-looking places on our little trip, so we ended up finding some spots we'd like to go back to. Especially Morro Bay, where you can see a variety of birds. (The one above was actually photographed by Mr. Sunny at Point Lobos State Park.) I had no idea a map-dot like Morro Bay, with a ROCK like the Morro Rock, even existed, so, it was a nice surprise to discover it.
Another place that was surprisingly pretty was the drive between Visalia and the Sequoias. It starts out with tidy and attractive orchards, then you pass by Lake Kaweah, and finally the foothills. Even though we were probably there at possibly the only really pretty time of the year, I totally recommend seeing this area if the opportunity ever arrives. The best word to describe it is peaceful looking.


Robin J. said...

Morro Bay is a favorite spot of ours. Just up the coast a bit is gorgeous too, of course, along with San Simeon and Big Sur.

Cody is applying next year to attend Cal Poly which is right by Morro Bay. Then we'll have more excuses as to why we need to head north.

Sunny said...

Cal Poly ought to be paying a smart kid like Cody to be willing to go to their school.