14 April 2009

More from the Kid's Hike

I'm pretty sure it is too early for rattlesnakes, but was still really hoping Jack wouldn't get into one. Even though he has had his rattlesnake bite vaccine, it still could harm him. But, he proved himself a fine companion once again, staying right with us and never once going off the trail. Here he is being good with a 4 yr old we met while out. He didn't even try to go for the kid's cookie. (Just sniffed and licked it a little-same as the little kid did.)

The two kids at the front and right side of this photo were with me. The rest we met at the top. Note the snack my Su-Bin (5 yr old with hat in hand) is holding. One of the grandmom's was passing out snacks to her kids and while my back was turned he hopped in her line and snagged one-even though we had our own. He's cute, but a handful.

It was very bright up there, so, when I took this picture of the downtown area I didn't even notice the N on the hill.

That is the same N previously featured in this blog.

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