18 April 2009

N is for Nature (and Newsworthy)

Last night's local news coverage gave the scantiest of passing nod to some of yesterday's best events.

First, the local university engineering department won the regional concrete canoe contest. (Sorry, no pics. I was there but my camera wasn't.) Now it is on to the nationals in alabama for them.

Second was the painting of the N by local students looking for an expression of their creativity. Having missed that event, I planned to at least hike up there this morning to capture photographic evidence. Didn't even get close...because...I got distracted by


Just goes to show that not all babies are cute. This little guy doesn't even take much after

the parents who were hovering nearby.

They must be very ashamed of that ugly baby with his

scary looking, beady eyes.


Nevada Hiker said...

Wow Great Shots!!!!

Sunny said...

Thanks Kurt-it was dumb luck.

Nevada Hiker said...

Shhhhh....never tell anyone. :-)

Rondi said...

Oh my goodness! Luck, for sure!

Sunny said...

Oh yeah Rondi! And if you want to see the really lucky fool's gold, go see my latest post.