13 April 2009

Spring Break

The kids have been duly taken on their promised hike. I had in mind this easy trail for them, but, nothing doing!
They wanted to go across the street and climb up Rattlesnake "Mountain".
I had been up there before and knew it was do-able for the kiddies. It overlooks the airport (and many other places). Mr. Sunny and I have been there at dusk and enjoyed watching planes coming in for a landing. It seems they are right over your head so that you should almost be careful tossing rocks for fear of hitting one. We were there at the wrong time of day for landings this time, but, here is one taking off.

But, that is not why Daniel is holding a rock in this photo. He carried one up in the hopes of finding a rattlesnake to gently encourage away from the path by the softest little bop on the head.

We did not see a rattle-snake, or an anaconda ,or a bald eagle, or anything on the list of wild-life they were hoping to spot. The trip was not a total loss. They did enjoy a very brief sighting of the world's fastest lizard (Who wouldn't run?) with some other spring-breakers we met at the top.

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