10 November 2009

House "Hunting"

My walking buddy is in the mood to quit renting and buy while the market is down. We set off on foot to explore the same neighborhood in which she found her dream house.

And here it is!
Not bad excluding that spider web!

Shrugging off invisible crawly creatures, I dashed her down the tree-lined street (hardly meets the stereo-type of desert living, eh?) to another one that I felt met her needs perfectly.

It didn't grab her in spite of this cute backyard
and adorable path to the front door. She suggested I buy this one and she'll take the spider house. "We can be neighbors!" Yep, that's likely to happen!

We finally found a place we can both agree on.
That eyesore of a mailbox will surely bring the value down to her price range, yeah?
No? OK, but the flower in the front yard is probably affordable.
Alas, after all that, none of these homes are up for grabs.

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Rondi said...

I liked them all!